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Analog Front End IC



MM3609 is analog front end IC which converts analog signal output from the sensor to digital signal, conducts digital signal processing and outputs to the host such as microcontroller etc. with digital transmission. It responds to a wide variety of sensors.


① It has a 24bit⊿ΣADC with a wide dynamic range.
② The correction factor needed for correcting sensor can
be stored in the non-volatile memory (NVM) inside IC.
③ The communication interface can be chosen from I2C or SPI.
④ It has a temperature sensor and is able to correct the temperature characteristics of the exterior sensor.
⑤ It has a built-in oscillator and no need external oscillator.
⑥ Posible to select effective resolution or data output rate suitable.
⑦ Two modes of sensor driving(constant current and constant voltage).
⑧ Standby electricity can be reduced significantly by ON/OFF switch for external sensor.


Number of input channels
Resistance 2CH 24



Associated Data

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