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Analog Front End IC Analog Front End IC, built-in programmable amplifier



MV3830 is analog front end IC which converts analog signal output from the sensor to digital signal, conducts digital signal processing and outputs to the host such as microcontroller etc. with digital transmission.
By incorporating a programmable gain amplifier and a 24-bit ΔΣ ADC, it responds to a wide variety of sensors.
It conforms with AEC-Q100 Grade2 and can be used in vehicles.


① Built-in sensor drive power supply (1.8V)
② Equipped with sensor offset removal function
③ Built-in low noise programmable gain amplifier (1-128)
④ Equipped with high-precision 24-bit ⊿Σ ADC
⑤ Built-in temperature sensor
⑥ Corrects temperature dependence (offset and gain)
⑦ Reduce sensor standby power loss with ON/OFF SW.
⑧ Interface type : I2C Fast Mode + CRC
⑨ AEC-Q100 Grade2 Qualified


Number of input channels
Resistance 2CH 24



Associated Data

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