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FAN Motor Driver IC



This IC is a motor driver IC for 5~12V fan.
The single-phase full-wave drive switching noise is small, effi cient motor drive is possible.
This IC has a built-in Lock protection, FG output,TSD is suitablel driver for fan motor.


1. Supply voltage range 2.8~14V

2. Output current 0.8A

3. Operating temperature range -40~90°C

4. Consumption current (Drive) 5mA typ.

5. Output put Vsat voltage 1.1V typ, Io=200mA
(Upper + lower Vsat voltage)

6. Hall Bias voltage (VHB=1.5V) Built-in

7. Lock-Protection Built-in

8. Auto Restart Built-in

9. Thermal Shut Down circuit Built-in


1. Cooling fan


Pin Assignment

Pin No. Pin Name Functuion
1 IN+ Hall input positive (+)
2 HB Hall element bias
3 IN- Hall input negative (-)
4 CT Capacitor Time
5 OUT1 Driver output positive (+)
7 OUT2 Driver output negative (-)
8 VCC Vcc
9 FG Frequency generator
10 LD Lock detection


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