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Transmitter CSA-507C


Small size, Light weight,
Simple operation, Low price
Trimmer to adjust the current output is equipped.


Specification name Specification contents
Bridge power supply 10 VDC±0.3 VDC within 30 mA (Changeable to 5 VDC or 2.5 VDC)
Input range 0.5 mV/V ~ 3 mV/V
Sensitivity adjustable range 1 000 times, 2 000times or 3 000 times (Changeover with the internal dip switch) Adjust 1/1 ~ 1/4 against each setting.
Output ±10 VDC (Not isolated)
Output Load Resistance 2 k-ohm or more
Zero adjustment range ±0.25 mV/V *Tare weightcancellation will be adjusted by installing resistanceexternally.
(Display and voltage output)
within 0.02 %F.S.
Temperature efficient Zero point ±1 μV/℃ (Inputconversion), Sensitibity within ±0.01 %F.S/℃
CALIB 1 mV/V±0.002 mV/V (Changeable to either 0.5 mV/V±0.001 mV/V or 0.25 mV/V±0.000 5mV/V if specified at the order.)
Frequency response range 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz,1 kHz (Changeable by internal DIP switch)
Operating temp. / humidity range Temperature -10 ℃ ~50 ℃, Humidity 85%RH or less (Non condensing)
Power supply 100 VAC (90 VAC ~ 115 VAC), 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Approx. 5 VA (at 100 VAC)
Outline dimensions (WxHxD) CSA-507C 44 mm x 90mm x 110 mm
CSA-507C-99 44 mm x 90 mm x 230 mm
(Excludes protrudingparts)
Weight CSA-507C Approx. 700 g
CSA-507C-99 Approx. 1 200 g
Options Current output, Automaticzero function, Power supply voltage


Instruction Manual



  • Current output
  • Automatic zero function
  • Power supply voltage
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