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Mounting attachment

Steel ball method mounting attachment SCA-CMM1/CMP1 series


・Space saving mounting attachment withslide stop mechanism.
・Excellent for severe side load conditionslike belt conveyors.


Specification name Specification contents
Applicable load cell CMM1/CMM1R/CMM1J-50K~2T, CMP1-250K~20T
Allowable horizontal moving length ±10 mm
Material FCD material, SS material (with plating process)
Accessories Dammy load cell, Guide plate, Instruction manual

Item list

Item Applicable load cell Allowable horizontal load
Allowable horizontal load
Allowable lifting load
Allowable lifting load
Weight(Approx. )
Material 3D CAD files [STEP] CAD files[DXF]


  • Mounting plate SCAP-*
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