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Integrated mold sensing system

Mold cavity pressure and temperature measurement amplifier MIS-202-PT/PP


■A special conversion module of 8-channels (32 channels at the maximum) input that measures the mold cavity pressure and temperature of the injection molding machine simultaneously..
■Attach the relay box MIS-304-P/MIS-304-T (4 channels input) that is convenient for wiring between the amplifier and the sensor built into the metal mold of the injection molding machine.
* The relay cable FA409-548-*M / FA409-549-*M as an option is required to use MIS-304-P/MIS-304-T.
■The pressure/temperature value is watched on the condition set beforehand, and the result is output as an alarm signal. And forward the pressure value waveform converted into the analog voltage to the molding machine.
■The real time waveform of the pressure/temperature value is displayed, stored, read out, analyzed, and set variously by using the attached application software of a personal computer.
■CE mark applicable product


Specification name Specification contents
Bridge power supply 5VDC±0.25 VDC within 20 mA per 1 channel
Applicable pressure sensor LSMSB-5K~3T/LSMS-20K~3T-S06
(350 Ω, 1 unit/channel)
Numbers of input points for pressure sensor 4 channels
Conversion accuracy of Pressure senso ±1.0 %F.S.
Applicable temperature sensor K type thermo couple MMTK-01
Numbers of input points fortemperature sensor 4 channels
Conversion accuracy of temperature senso ±1.0 %F.S. ±0.2 %F.S. (at 25℃±5℃)
Measurement time 120 seconds at the maximum,
1800 seconds or less in the long-time measurement.
Sampling interval 10 ms per 1 channel
(Changeable to 0.5 ms, 1 ms, 2 ms, 5 ms, 20 ms and 50 ms.)
* Limited to 10 ms, 20 ms and 50 ms in the long-time measurement.
A/D Internal resolution 16 bit
Analog voltage output 0 VDC ~ 10 VDC
Measurement condition Set of sensors, measurement time, start trigger input delay time, and protruding detecting time.
Alarm function Area monitoring frame judgement, Peak monitoring frame judgement, Monitoring of t second later, Peak arrival time monitoring, Integral value monitoring, Peak arrival integral value monitoring
USB interface USB connector (Personal computer side): USB mini-B type
USB connector (USB flush drive): USB-A type
Display function Real time waveform display, Waveform display that has been aquired, Trend display (Peak, Integral, Protruding), Selection of display channel, Alarm monitoring fram display, Display of measurement history, Event log, Continuance condition inspection
Power supply voltage 24 VDC (Available valiable range 20.4 VDC ~ 27.6 VDC)
Power consumption 16.5 W or less (at 24 VDC)
Operating temp. range -10℃ ~ 60℃
Operating humidity range 85 %RH (Non condensing)
Stored temp. range -20℃ ~ 60℃
Vibration resistance 10 Hz ~ 150 Hz、Acceleration 2 G constantly for 2 hours of each X, Y, Z direction.
Outline dimensions (WxHxD) 257 mm x 116.2 mm x 48.6 mm (Excludes protruding parts)
Weight Approx. 900 g
Mounting method Amplifier: with the magnet on a metalic side.
Relay box: with the magnet on a metalic side or with the screw.
Accessories Power plug,Modbus plug,Control I/O plug,CD-ROM,USB cable, Instruction manual


Specification sheet



  • Load cellr LSMSB-5K~3T/LSMS-20K~3T-S06
  • Temperature sensor MMTK-01
  • Relay box MIS-304-P/ MIS-304-T
  • Relay cable FA409-548-*M/FA409-549-*M
  • Power supply cable 2.5m (FA409-550)
  • Control I/O cable 2.5m (FA409-551)
  • Judgement I/O cable 2.5m (FA409-552)
  • Voltage output cable 2.5m (FA409-553)
  • Cable for additional channel 1.0m (FA409-554)
  • Cable for Modbus interface 1.0m (FA409-555)
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