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Tie bar measurement system

Tie bar gage UX010


・ Use it by two-pieces set.
・ Temperature stability has improved by developing special Strain Gage.
・ Exchangeable without adjustment at the maintenance (Accuracy : within ±1 %)
・ Light weight and possible to install in a little space.


Specification name Specification contents
Gage factor 2.0±1%
Gage resistance 350 Ω±0.3 %
Non-linearity 1 %F.S.
Hysteresis 1 %F.S.
Repeatability 1 %F.S.
Excitation, recommended 8 V以下
Excitation, maximum 9 V
Measuring range 0~1 000 μst
Operating temp. range -10 ℃ ~ 75 ℃
Self temp. compensation material Carbon steel
Cable φ4.7, 4-cores shielded 0.3 m cable directly attached, with connector at cable end.
Material Alluminum alloy
Weight UX010 : Approx. 45 g, UX010LB : Approx. 50g

Table of P/N

Parts No. weight(Approx.)


  • Cable for extension use
  • ・ FA409-399-5M (Connector at cable end 5 m)
  • ・ FA409-403-5M (Terminal lugs at cable end 5 m)
  • Ring for gage (TGS)
  • Guide for gage (TGR)
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