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Tie bar measurement system

Variable Method Tie Bar Ring TGRU series


・ Use it for the examination measurements to confirm the balance adjustment on the mold clamping force or to confirm the press power, etc.
・ Tie bar diameter is adjustable from φ35 to φ230 by 4 kinds of model.
・ Detaching the sensor is very easy.
・ All additional workers to the tie bar are unnecessary.


Specification name Specification contents
Tie-bar gage P/No. UX010
P/No. of the ring TGRU-***/*** *** : Diameter of tie bar (mm)
(ex) TGRU-035/085 : φ35~85 mm, TGRU-085/120 : φ85~120 mm, TGRU-120/170 : φ120~170 mm, TGRU-170/230 : φ170~230 mm
Applied diameter φ35 mm ~ φ230 mm
Material Aluminum alloy (Main body), Alloy steel (Other)

Table of P/N

Parts No. Applicable tie bar diameter
lower limit
Applicable tie bar diameter
upper limit



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