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Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

ZGA Type

  • Electromagnetic toothed Clutch (Spring actuated type)

Overall View

Part Number


Model Max Speed
Coil 20deg.C Voltage DC
Coil 20deg.C Wattage
Coil 20deg.C Current
Air Gap Clutch Open


Model Diameter A
Diameter B
Diameter D1 max H7
Diameter D2 max H7
Diameter F H7
Diameter G
Diameter H
Diameter U (Screw hole)


Model Length L
Length M
Length N
Length R
Length V
Length W

Other Specifications

Model Moment of Inertia J Armature Side
Moment of Inertia J Outer boss Side


1.Please indicate dimension of the part marked. (If nothing is indicated, product with prepared hole shall be delivered).
2.In case quick response speed is required, power unit of over excitation type shall be utilized. (Which shall be ordered separately with reference to electromagnetic clutch / electric component for brake.)

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