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HD-PLC Module



1. Equipped with third generation LSI Realizes high data rate :maximum 240Mbps
2. Low power consumption:about 1.3W(standby mode 0.9W)
3. Modulation including analog part makes it easier to be built into variety of equipment
4. This is pin-compatible with second generation module, so smoothly replace


Bandwidth 2MHz to 28MHz
Modulation Wavelet OFDM(32PAM-2PAM)
PHY Data Rate 240Mbps(theoretical maximum data transmission rate )
Effective Data Rate 95Mbps/70Mbps (Exclusive tool)
Access method CSMA/CA
Error Correction LDPC-CC
Security AES 128bit
Interface IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u(10Base-T/100Base-TX)
Mode Switch Terminal
Functuion Terminal

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