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High-Frequency Devices

Added Shark Fin Antenna and Media Hub Unit (High-Frequency Devices)


Shark Fin Antenna

Designed with a design that matches the car body and accommodates multiple media, providing versatility.
Customization of antennas according to customer specifications is possible.

[ Features ]
1. We can provide composite antennas tailored to the required media.
2. By arranging the media according to specified designs, it achieve better performance.
3. In-house integrated production, including painting the cover.
4. Our unique capture structure enables installation on the car roof.

Media Hub Unit

It is a Car USB charging/communication unit that enables fast charging through USB within a car.
The model with communication functionality enhances the in-car environment through integration with car navigation systems and head units, providing various services.

[ Features ]
1. A compact charging module compatible with the USB charging standard, USB PD.
2. Provides optimal charging to the environment through intelligent control.
3. (Communication model only) Contributes to stable communication quality through hub or compensation function.

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