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Protection for Lithium-Ion Batteries

MM3625 Series


The MM3625 series are secondary protection IC using high
voltage CMOS process for overcharge protection of the
rechargeable lithium–ion or lithium–polymer battery. The high accuracy overcharge detection of each cell ofthe rechargeable 3,4 cell Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer battery is possible.The IC has a regulator and it ispossible to stop regulator by
detected overdischarge.The internal circuit of IC is composed by the voltagedetector, the reference voltage source, delay time control circuit, the logical circuit, and regulator circuit etc.

Product Series

For 3 to 4 cells secondary protection


(1) Range and accuracy of detection/release voltage
● Overcharge detection voltage 3.6V to 4.5V, 5mV steps Accuracy±25mV
● Overcharge release voltage 3.4V to 4.5V, 50mV steps Accuracy±50mV
● VOU OFF voltage 2.1V to 3.2V, 10mV steps Accuracy±50mV

(2) Range and accuracy of detection/release delay time
● Overcharge detection delay time time1ms to (1ms×2n1)+(1ms×2n2)+(1ms×2n3) Accuracy±25%
● Overcharge release delay time 1ms to (1ms×2n1) Accuracy±25%
● VOUT OFF delay time 1ms to (1ms×2n1)+(1ms×2n2)+(1ms×2n3) Accuracy±25%
*n1,n2 and n3 can select arbitrary integers between 0 to 17. (However n1≠n2≠n3)

(3) Range and accuracy of regulator output voltage
● VOUT pin output voltage 1.8V to 5.0V, 50mV steps Accuracy±100mV

(4) The setting for three cell and for four cell protection can be set with the SEL pin

(5) Regulator output can be control with the EN pin

(6) FUSE pin can control with the CTL pin

(7) Low current consumption
● Current consumption1(VDD pin) Vcell=3.5V Typ. 4.5μA Max. 6.5μA
● Current consumption1(VDD pin) Vcell=2.5V Max. 0.1μA(When starting conditions of VOUT are EN pin.)
Max. 1.0μA(When starting conditions of VOUT are cell voltage.


Package Latch function Overcharge detection voltage
Overcharge release voltage
OFF voltage
VOUT pin output voltage
Overcharge detection delay time
Overcharge release delay time



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