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Integrated mold sensing system Mold cavity pressure measurement system

Relay box MRB-304-BI


■”LSMSB-*/LSMS-*-S06" is used to wire the internal pressure sensor LSMSB-*/LSMS-*-S06 embedded in the mold to the mold internal pressure measuring instrument MPC-201B-25.
■A special cable FA409-541-*M is required for connection to the MPC-201B-25.
■A special cable FA409-567-*M is required for connection to the MPC-203-25.
■CE mark conformity product.
This unit can be used in combination with MPC-201-25.
■By storing the relay box and sensor cable inside the mould, the risk of sensor cable disconnection when raising or lowering the mould from the moulding machine is reduced.


Specification name Specification contents
Operating temp./ humidity range 0 ℃ ~ 100 ℃、85 %RH以下 (Non Condensing)
Stored temperature range -10 ℃ ~ 100 ℃
Vibration resistance 10 ~ 55 Hz double amplitude 1.5 mm, 2 hours for each direction of X, Y or Z.
Outline dimensions 98 mm×14.8 mm×39.1 mm(Excludes protruding parts.)
Weight Approx. 80 g
Material of case SUS304
Applicable sensors LSMSB-5K~3T/ LSMS-20K~3T-S06 Up to 4 connections possible
Applicable amplifier MPC-201-25、MPC-201B-25


Instruction Manual

Specification sheet

CAD files[DXF]


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