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Hybrid stepping motors Resolver (Angle sensor) type



Achieves "demodulation-less" motor control that does not stop even with a high load or rapid acceleration/deceleration is applied, providing smooth operation with a resolution of 200,000 P/R.
The simple structure of the resolver also contributes to durability against the outside environment. Robust manufacturing supports a motor drive with extremely stable accuracy in harsh environments such as heat, dust, shock and vibration.

Benefits of Resolver Servo Control

1. High Torque Functionality: No demodulation margin required with servo control

Servo control via resolver eliminates the need for a demodulation margin and maximizes available torque. A usable torque 2-3 times more than from conventional products.

2. Low current consumption and low heat generation: Torque controlled with minimal current

Torque control is performed with minimal required current, reducing power consumption and allowing for current to be cut while on stand-by. Contributes to the energy efficiency of your overall setup.

3. High accuracy: 200,000 P/R resolution

Achieves a resolution of 200,000 P/R, repeatedly providing a high level of positional accuracy and smooth drive.

4. Environmental Resistance: Resistant to dust, oil, heat, shock, and vibration disturbances

The resolver is simple in structure and is resistant to disturbances such as dust, oil, heat, shock and vibration.

5. Miniaturization: demodulation-less and no torque margin required

A torque margin is not required given a lack of demodulation. This leads to a smaller motor size.

6. Contributes to fewer components: Gear-less, simplified cooling system, and simplified vibration control

Gear-less (decelerator), simplified cooling measures, and simplified vibration control (dampers). Helps reduce cost and design a more efficient use of space.

7. Low noise and vibration: drive control that responds to load

This device can minimize noise and vibration by providing drive control in response to the applied load.


Overall View

Wiring Diagram

PIN NO. 3 - 1 4 - 6

Wiring Diagram Image


Model Outer Diameter
Step Angle
Drive Sequence Rated Current
Holding Torque
Rotor Inertia
Detent Torque

Torque/Speed Characteristics


To control the stepping motor with resolver, Digital converter (RDC) from Renesas Electronics Corporation And control driver software is required. For details, please see the link below.


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