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Mounting attachment

Flexibel lock method mounting attachment FCA-CCP1-* series


・ Most suitable to the application for thetank and hopper with the stir machine.
・ Explosion-proof load cells can be installed.


Specification name Specification contents
Applicable load cell CCP1(A)-200K~20T(-U,-Z)
Allowable horizontal moving length ±10 mm
Material SS material (with plating process)
Accessories Bearing plate, load cell pin, guide plate, instruction manual

Item list

Item Allowable horizontal load
Allowable horizontal load
Allowable horizontal load
Weight(Approx. )
Material 3D CAD files [STEP] CAD files[DXF]


  • Welding plate FCAW-*
  • Dummy load cell FCAD-*
  • Check rod for lift-off protection FCAR-*
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