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PM stepping motors With Gearbox



Reference Characteristics

Outer Diameter
Magnet Material Insulation Resistance (M)
Dielectric Strength (AC)
Drive Method Resistance/Phase
Insulation resistance Dielectric Strength Class of Insulation Ambient Temperature Range
lower limit
Ambient Temperature Range
upper limit
Radial Play
Axial Play
6.0 Nd-Fe-B bonded magnet (MS70) 1 100 2-2 phase 20.0 1M[Ω]Min. at DC100[V] AC100[V] 1[min] Class E(Except lead wire) -10 50 0.10 0.20

Torque Characteristic

Overall View


Model Drive Circuit Drive Voltage
Drive IC Gear Ratio
Step Angle
Rated Torque
Rated Torque
Maximum Instantaneous Torque
Maximum Instantaneous Torque
Gearhead length L1
Full length L

*PG6-K20-1024 : Please contact us due to specialty.


Optical Equipment:Projector / Security Camera
Medical Equipment:Blood Analyzer / Tube Pump
Industrial Equipment:Flow Control Valves / Antenna
Adjustment Device
Power Tools:Drills / Drivers


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Engineering Information

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