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Bed Sensor System

A monitoring sensor system that can be easily installed at the foot of the bed using the sensor technology cultivated by MinebeaMitsumi. The detected information can be used on a PC, tablet, smartphone, or nurse call. Since the sensor is hard to see, you can live your daily life.

Aging society with fewer children.
Society is changing more rapidly than ever in the world.

Information from the bed sensor system to change the society

It makes caregivers comfortable, provides peace of mind and safety to family members. Accurate information will effectively reduce the burden of caring for a family member, and efficient care without any concern.
Through the thinking process, the outcome was this MinebeaMitsumi's sensor technology.
This is the MinebeaMitsumi Bed Sensor System.
We believe that this system, which can obtain various information accurately by simply placing it under the bed leg, is the answer to the challenges facing an aging society with a declining birthrate.
With the advent of the IoT society, we aim to create a society that is friendly to people through its technology.

It is our intention to perceive and support users' wishes.

The Three KEYWORD's
to change the society

Perceive and support users' needs.

  • keyword01

    Care Monitoring

    The user's condition can be notified by non-invasion and non-contact device, it is possible to provide a safe and secure care monitor environment. No mental stress from the caregiver and privacy is protected.

  • keyword02

    Appropriate support

    We aim to support user activities by detecting the body movement of users.

  • keyword03

    Information utillzation

    Collect and data vital information of a user such as body movements in the bed and reference weight.
    Accumulated data is used for estimating future behavior patterns and understand their life rhythm.

A high-precision system that utilizes the industry's top-class* sensor technology.

The sensor senses the status of the user on the bed by installation under each bed leg. It is possible to analyze the data and accurately grasp the situation.

Non-invasive and non-contact monitoring of bed users is possible by installing the sensor under each bed leg. It can also be installed on existing beds, so it can be easily introduced.

MinebeaMitsumi's Bed Sensor System, a smart sensing system which concept is nothing like other in the market, is an innovative solution to the society with a declining birthrate and an aging population.

*Top-class "Resolution" from our internal study


Key Advantage

  • Accurately grasp biometric information with non-invasion and non-contact system.

    High-precision detection and measurement of reference body weight, body movement, and other biological information, although it is non-invasive and non-contact.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    Various types of monitoring are possible, such as alarms to prevent prolonged separation from the bed or falling or falling over, activities of the user on the bed, and reference body weight.

  • Top-class high precision and high resolution

    Sensor units using industry's top class* high-precision sensors which will accurately detect the status on the bed. High-precision monitoring is realized.

  • Support Health Management

    Analyze daily life patterns using measurement data such as activity history and reference body weight history. The report function based on the analysis data provides health management support tailored to the individual needs.

  • High Cost Performance

    The ability to monitor with high precision has enabled effective operational support.

  • Easy Installation Function

    The bed sensor unit should only be located below the bed leg. Because the sensor unit are small, one person can easily work with the system.


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