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Protection for Lithium-Ion Batteries

D1-Serial Cell Protection IC with High-precision Short Circuit Detection. Protection IC for Lithium Ion/Lithium Polymer 1 Cell Secondary Battery MM3722



Power consumption of recent smartphones, tablets and other devices is increasing in recent years due to the higher functionality of these devices. Large instantaneous currents are generated when using camera flashes, GPS or launching multiple applications, and there are concerns about the unexpected effects of using older sets. Accordingly, a current protection function is required to support more complex current modes.
The <MM3722> detects overcurrent with external resistance sensing, which make it less susceptible to the effects of temperature or voltage fluctuations, and also making it easier to provide cooling for battery packs. Short circuit detection is also achieved with external resistance sensing in the same way as overcurrent detection, which limits fluctuations and ensures a higher level of safety.

(The photo is of the SSON-6J)


  1. High-precision overcurrent detection ±15% or less
  2. High-precision overcharge detection ±20 mV (-5℃ to 55℃)
  3. Customizable detection threshold and delay time
  4. Short circuit detection also uses external resistance sensing for higher accuracy ±20%

Main specifications

Overcharge detection
3.6 to 5.0V (5mV steps) accuracy ±20mV
Overcurrent detection
2.0 to 3.0V (50mV steps) accuracy ±35mV
Discharge overcurrent detection
+20 to +150mV (1mV steps) accuracy ±15% or less
Charge overcurrent detection
-150 to -20mV (1mV steps) accuracy ±15% or less
Short circuit detection
+40 to +250mV (1mV steps) accuracy ±20%
Consumption current (normal)
3.0µA typ.  6.0µA max.
Consumption current (standby)
0.1µA max.
(when excess discharge latch function is used)
0.6µA max.
(when excess discharge latch function is not used)
0V charge inhibition battery voltage
0.9V fixed or 1.3 to 1.8V (0.1V steps)
2.0(W) × 1.6(D) × 0.55(H) mm (SON-6C)
1.4(W) × 1.4(D) × 0.55(H) mm (SSON-6J)

(Note1) The VOUT launch conditions can be set when the voltage returns

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