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Protection for Lithium-Ion Batteries

With Temperature Protection Circuit Protection IC for Lithium Ion/Lithium Polymer 3 Cell Secondary Battery MM3783



With batteries used for electronic tools requiring greater capacity in recent years, secondary lithium ion batteries are being used more often.
There are currently 3 to 5 cells within a battery, and the 3-cell battery specifications (10.8V) that make up the majority of the market have a greater need for temperature protection and multi-step overcurrent protection.
Using the <MM3783> enables a lower cost and higher level of safety than could be achieved using existing circuits.


  1. Overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent protection functions built-in.
  2. Monitor and protect against discharge overcurrent with 3 steps (overcurrent 1, overcurrent 2, short circuit protection)
  3. Detection of high and low temperatures with 3 values with an external NTC thermistor to protect the battery pack.
  4. Charging prohibited/permitted can be selected for 0V battery (optional)
Overcharge detection
3.6 to 4.5V (5mV steps) accuracy ±25mV
Overcurrent detection
2.0 to 3.0V (50mV steps) accuracy ±80mV
Discharge overcurrent detection voltage 1
30 to 300mV (5mV steps) accuracy ±15%/±10mV
Discharge overcurrent detection voltage 2
2x/4x discharge overcurrent 1 accuracy ±20%
Short circuit detection voltage
4x/8x discharge overcurrent 1 accuracy ±30%
Discharge overcurrent detection voltage
-300 to -20mV (5mV steps) accuracy ±15%/±10mV
Temperature protection detection temperature
-30℃ to 80℃ (5℃ steps, 3 values can be set) accuracy ±3℃
REG terminal output voltage
1.5 to 3.0V (50mV steps) accuracy ±25mV
5.0×4.4×1.1mm (W×D×H)

(Note1) The VOUT launch conditions can be set when the voltage returns

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