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Wavy Nozzle

[New Product] Introduction of "Wavy Nozzle" a programmable coolant system

  • New Product


Are you having trouble with the adhesion of machining chips?

Damage to the workpieceMachining precision errorDamage to blades, tools, or other partsMachining down time to remove machining dust and chips

Attaching the Wavy Nozzle,
Improves machining dust and chip removal efficiency and resolves all kinds of problems!


The Wavy Nozzle is a device capable of spraying water and oil-based cutting fluids at an arbitrary fixed angle or by a reciprocating motion of the spray nozzle. (JIS N1- to N3-type oil-based and A1, A2 water-based cutting fluids are recommended.)
The unit efficiently removes machining dust and chips, resulting in the reduction of machining precision errors and damage to blades and tools as well as to the work piece caused by the adhesion of cutting chips.


  • 3 operation patterns optimized for removing machining dust and chips are available
    • (1) FIX mode (operated at an arbitrary fixed angle)
    • (2) SWEEP mode (operated by a reciprocating motion of the nozzle with constant speed)
    • (3) KICK mode (operated by a reciprocating motion of the nozzle with variable speed)
  • Storing and calling up 99 motion pattern settings
    * Up to 31 pattern settings can be called up with the M-code.
  • Linked with the processing machine
  • Error detection function

Benefits of Wavy Nozzle

  1. Reduction of the machine stop frequency for removing chips.
  2. Yield improvement in the visual inspection since the scratch of the product is reduced.
  3. Elimination of damage to the rear machining chuck by jamming chips.
  4. Reduction of work to remove the chips by hand after the processing.
  5. Improvement of tool life.

Dedicated controller

Easy operation with a controller. just necessary to use it when you set up operation patterns, positioning angle and speed.

Once the installation is completed, the Wavy Nozzle will operate by itself without a controller.

Product Specifications

Dimensions Spray unit dimensions (mm) 168.5 (D) x 103 (W) x 59.3 (H) Cable length: 3000
Control board dimensions (mm) 99.8 (D) x 142.8 (W) x 18.6 (H)
Junction cable (between spray unit and control board) (mm) 3000
Junction cable (between controller and control board) (mm) 3000
Controller (mm) 178 (D) x 84 (W) x 36 (H) Cable length: 3000
Power supply Rated voltage +24V DC ±10%
Minimum starting current consumption 0.8A
Rated current consumption 0.45A
Input protection fuse T 1.5 A / 125 V (SkyGate 25T1500)
Operation Operating temperature range 0 deg.C - +50 deg.C
Operating humidity range 85%RH or below (Non-Condensing)
Operating mode 3 modes (FIX, SWEEP, KICK)
Nozzle movement range 75 counts (1 count = about 1.8 deg.)
Maximum nozzle movement speed 100 counts (=270 deg/sec: SWEEP mode)
Maximum operation memories 99
Operation calls M-code control
(one-on-one mode)
M-code control
(5-bit mode)
Serial control 99
I/O signals Error signal input 1 line
M-code operation command signal 5 line
Discharge valve control signal input 1 line
Discharge valve control signal output 1 line
Serial control input 1 line
Alarm signal output 1 line
Others Specification of the pump can be connected to this unit Theoretical discharge amount 12.0 L/min
Maximum discharge pressure 2.0 MPa
Usable cutting oil Oil-based coolants of Type N1 to Type N3 and Water-based coolants of Type A1, A2 specified in JIS K2241:2000

Ejection unit

Controller (*Option)

Note 1: "Wavy Nozzle" is registered trademark of Minebea Co., Ltd
Japanese Registered Trademark No.: 5645210

Note 2: Patent pending.

* Refer to the press release on Wavy Nozzle

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