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Hybrid stepping motors

[New Product]Introduction of 25 mm square size hybrid-type stepping motors linear type

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[Product name] C10PMK(25□1.8deg.)

Minebea Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Minebea") launched a new 25 mm square linear actuator-type product to add to their "hybrid stepping motor series" line-up which are designed for small and precision devices.

The 25 mm square linear actuator-type offers a compact structure due to a feed screw system in the motor which converts the motor's rotational movement to direct drive (linear drive). This feed screw system is the same high class type as the one used in headlight optical axis adjuster motors for motor-vehicles. With its high durability and dust resistance, it does not require supplemental lubrication or grease change (grease up) and offers easy maintenance compared to conventional feed screw motors.

[Application of products]

Medical devices, analyzers, FA devices, portable X-Y tables, valves, pumps (fluid volume adjustment)

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