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[New Product] Weight conversion module "CSD-892B series" is released! Popular model passed module certification test of non-automatic weighing instruments and upgraded.

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Palmtop size and high performance. Popular model renewed and upgraded!

CSD-892B appearance

Digital Conversion module "CSD-892 series" was upgraded and relaunched as Weight conversion module "CSD-892B series" .

Advantages of "CSD-892B Series"

Passed module certification test for non-automatic weighing instruments!

Certified JIS B7611-2:2015 Non-automatic weighing instruments-Performance requirements and test methods Part 2:For trade or certification.Conforms to Annex C (Environmental Level H/Level L)

This enables both "high noise immunity" and "high accuracy. It can be used for type approved scales.

Eliminated conventional binding when conforming to EMC standards (EN61326-1:2013) !

The conventional requirement for CE compliance was installation in a panel with EMC countermeasures.
This series have improved EMC resistance and the conventional ancillary condition is not required.

Analog filter can be set  in "0.1Hz increments" !

As for conventional product, the analog filter can be selected from 2Hz, 4Hz, 6Hz, 8Hz, or 10Hz.
However, new CSD-892B series, the filter setting range has been expanded to allow setting from 2.0 Hz to 10.0 Hz in 0.1 Hz increments.
It can provide detailed analog filter settings to meet customer's environment.

CSD-892B Series Lineup

A wide range of interfaces is available as below.

・CSD-892B-73 : CC-Link interface
・CSD-892B-74 : RS-232C interface
・CSD-892B-76 : RS-422/485 interface
・CSD-892B-07-25 : Voltage / Current analog output

*USB interface is available in all models

Support / Contact

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