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[Exhibition] Exhibited at INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2019 (IREX2019)!

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MINEBEAMITSUMI Inc. had participated in the INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2019, from Wednesday, December 18 to Saturday, December 21, 2019, at Tokyo Big Sight. Thank you for visiting us!

image : Minebeamitsumi Booth

Major Items Exhibited

In our booth, had exhibited a wide range of products from ultra precision machining technology, from ball bearings to applications in electronic equipment, and propose solutions important for next-generation robotics. Please find some of them are introduced below.

We had exhibited the following products for the robot industry under the theme of "New Challenges with INTEGRATION". We are an "INTEGRATION" manufacturer of precision components, generating synergies through integration of ultra precision machining technology and cutting-edge electronics technology such as motors, sensors, semiconductors and wireless technologies. Our next-generation solutions were n both dynamic and static exhibits.

Our featured exhibit was the Small 6-Axis Robot in action.
We had presented our cost effective, lightweight, compact design stepping motors with high-resolution encoder - a challenge for conventional servo motors.
The robot hand was equipped with our new product, an electric gripper with a small 6-axis force torque sensor.
Our miniature, light weight 6-axis force torque sensor is a true innovation in design.
At our booth, we had demonstrated how data from the sensors on each chuck gave the robot a sense of force and torque, and enabled the robot to grip small parts and moveed them in place - proving reliable control of delicate forces in real time.

We had also introduced our new Stepping motor with resolver (Angle sensor) and "stepping motor with resolver control solutions," our latest in collaboration with Renesas Electronics Corporation.
The motor may be controlled with high precision, even in harsh environments such as heat, dust, and vibration - a challenge for conventional optical encoders. The solution provides a unique feature to "step-out less" that operates continually, even at high loads.
The exhibit showed a very smooth drive with a high resolution of 200,000 P / R, acheived without a reduction gear, and demonstrate the difference between the conventional open control and resolver servo control.

The star of our booth was the Next-Generation Robot "Shiorin," to help us explain the contents of our exhibition with voice and movement.
Shiorin is equipped with many of our precision components, such as a fan motor and a hollow shaft motor with an encoder.
The demonstration of the delicate arm, smooth movement and joint articulation realized by our small stepping motor.

* Next-generation announcement robot jointly developed by THK CO., LTD and Lead-gen inc.

Exhibition Overview
Official site INTERNATIONAL ROBPT EXHIBITION 2019Open in a new window
Date December 18 (Wed) - 21 (Sat), 2019 10:00-17:00
Venue Tokyo Big Sight
3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0063
Booth No. W4-25

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