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[New Product] 70DCF-371 High-Pressure Blower Released

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Minebea has added the 70DCF-371, a 2000 W high-pressure blower, to its line of DC brushless high-pressure blowers.
After earning high praise during its limited trial release in Japan, we are pleased to announce that the 70DCF-371 is now available worldwide.

Introducing the new high-pressure blower you've been waiting for!

Minebea leveraged customer insights to build on the foundation of its earlier models. The result is the 70DCF, a high-pressure blower that uses a minimum amount of energy to deliver maximum power. When stacked up against the 60DCF series, the new blower provides about 30% more static pressure and airflow while boosting overall system efficiency by roughly 30%. (Click here for more information (Japanese only))

More user-friendly than ever

In addition to enhanced performance, the 70DCF-371 features the following improvements.

Figure: New 70DCF High-Pressure Blower

(1) Prevents improper connection

Re-engineered to prevent grounding errors, the power supply input terminal block now has two input terminals instead of three. The ground wire is connected to the casing.

(2) Detachable blower cables in three different lengths

Our conventional blower models come with only a 400mm attached motor cable (extension cable optional).
The new 70DCF on the other hand boasts a detachable cable connector along with cables in three different lengths (1m, 3m, and 5m) to fit in with virtually any layout.

(3) Compatible with your choice of hose for the air inlet and outlet

While the opening of the 60DCF's air inlet and outlet was 45mm in diameter, the 70DCF features a universal-size diameter to accommodate any 50mm hose.

(4) Speed control without the need for a power supply

The 70DCF has a reference voltage terminal for speed control signal input. This new feature allows you to control speed without a power supply. All you need is speed volume control.

(5) Separate error and speed signals

The 70DCF has separate terminals for error signal output and speed signal output. This new user-friendly feature makes detecting error signals simpler than ever.

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