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High-pressure blowers

MinebeaMitsumi High-pressure blowers Characteristics

Figure 1: MinebeaMitsumi Lineup of High-Pressure Blowers

MinebeaMitsumi high-pressure blowers offer the following features.

1. Compact and lightweight design means installation no longer bound to the ground

AC blowers, which generally measure as big as 400mm in length, width and height and weigh as much as 30-50kg, need to be installed on the floor. MinebeaMitsumi's high-pressure blowers, on the other hand, are compact and lightweight, measuring only half the size of typical AC blowers, or just a quarter of their cubic volume. The weight of the blower part has been reduced to almost a third of what it is in other AC blowers. Less weight and volume add up to more freedom for installation and layout.

Figure 2: Compared with AC Blower (Measurement data by MinebeaMitsumi)
Figure 2: Compared with AC Blower (Measurement data by MinebeaMitsumi)

2. Separate blower and driver parts for flexible layout and superior maintainability

With a MinebeaMitsumi high-pressure blower, gone is the need to install the blower near its driver. If something ever goes wrong with either the driver or blower, we will be able to supply a replacement unit of either part to minimize your operation's downtime. It provides remarkably high maintainability that an integrated driver does not.

3. High rotation and high static pressure across a wide voltage range

MinebeaMitsumi high-pressure blowers deliver high performance across a wide spectrum of input voltages, ranging from 180V AC to 264V AC.
The 60DCF-478 can run on an incredibly wide range of voltages, spanning from 90V AC all the way up to 264V AC.
While voltage use varies across the globe, MinebeaMitsumi high-pressure blowers deliver the same outstanding performance no matter where they are used, making them a worry-free solution for regional differences in regulations on design and development as well as in work environments around the world.

4. Energy-saving

There is virtually no reactive power thanks to the power factor correction circuit (boost converter) mounted to the driver. When compared with AC blowers featuring the same airflow and static pressure characteristics, MinebeaMitsumi high-pressure blowers cut power consumption (electricity cost) by up to 60%, at least 30% reduction (based on MinebeaMitsumi's own findings). That means you save on both energy and equipment costs.

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