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High-pressure blowers

Outline of 60DCF

Part names



Connection Diagram

Terminal Block No.1 FG Connector(SIGNAL) No.1 S_CTR
No.3 ACN No.3 FOLT
Connector(SENSOR) Sensor Connector Input of Blower Connector(MOTOR) Motor Connector Input of Blower
  • If terminal block is placed near the Blower, make sure vibration / air stream does not cause mechanical fatigue of wire.
    Fixed attachment to a nylon clamp and/or duct is recommended.
  • Driver connection to an AC power supply input terminal block should be firmly fixed using a crimp-type terminal with an insulating cover. (Recommendation: RAV 1.25 - 4, JISC2805 compliance) and electric wire equivalent to or larger than 1.25 mm2.
  • Make sure connector is pushed all the way down.

Rotation Speed Modulator

  • The Blower output can be adjusted by adjusting The input voltage between The control I/O connector terminal S_CTR and The CTR_GND terminal.
    Input voltage: 0 V DC to 10 V DC, Input current: 1 mA or less
  • Please input the DC voltage that meets the input voltage specification between the terminal S_CTR and the terminal CTR_GND.

AC Power Supply Voltage Range

Part Number Voltage Frequency
60DCF-485 AC240V +10% 50/60Hz
60DCF-486 -25%
60DCF-487 AC90V - AC264V

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