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[New Product] Demodulation-less! Stepping motor with resolver (Angle sensor)!

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This product is equipped with a resolver (Rotation angle sensor) along with the stepping motor, enabling servo control of the motor.
Achieves a "demodulation-less" function where the stepping motor does not stop even at high loads or rapid acceleration/deceleration This size 42 announcement delivers smooth operation with high resolution 200,000 P/R.

Equipped with a high-precision resolver (angle of rotation sensor)!

  • High Torque Functionality: No demodulation margin required with servo control
  • Low current consumption and low heat generation: Torque controlled with minimum required current
  • High accuracy: 200,000 P/R resolution
  • Environmental Resistance: Resistant to dust, oil, heat, shock and vibration disturbances
  • Miniaturization: demodulation-less with no torque margin required
  • Contributes to fewer components: Gear-less, simplified cooling method, simplified vibration control
  • Low noise and vibration: drive control according to load

We have a track record of making resolver sensors for automobiles, and this time we have developed a resolver that employs new methods for civilian and industrial applications.
We will be expanding the lineup of stepping motors that include resolvers for other sizes in the future.
By maximizing the available torque of the motor, we plan to expand the scope of application.

Figure 1 Expansion of stepping motor lineup with resolver (planned)

Figure 1 Expansion of stepping motor lineup with resolver (planned)

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