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AC fan motors

Common Specifications - AC fan motors

AC Fans Common Specifications


Operating Voltage

Rated voltage including voltage variation +/- 10%


Measured 1 meter apart from the motor side at the rated voltage

Vibration Test

Conforms to JIC C 60068-2-6

Shock Test

Conforms to JIS C 60068-2-27

Burnout Protection

The fan motor will not burnout when restricted for 72 hours at the rated voltage.

Insulation Class

E class (UL : class A)
B class (UL : class A)……11938TB/11938SB/15038PB Metal Blades

Installation Method

For either the suction or exhaust type, horizontal, vertical or inclined installation can be selected.

Protection System

Motor burnout is prevented by the impedance system or thermal protection system, thus safety is always ensured.

  • Impedance Protection System :
    The fixed impedance of the coil keeps the specified temperature below that specified by the insulation class of the motor coil.
  • Thermal Protection System :
    The coil includes a bimetallic strip to control the connection switch. This operates to keep the temperature below the specified insulation class.

Recommended Tightening Torque

We recommend tightening torque in case of using M4 screw as follows.

  1. On or less than 8kgf・cm (0.78N・m) when using a screw to tighten both sides of the flange.
  2. On or less than 12kgf・cm (1.17N・m) when using a screw to tighten one side of the flange.


  • Additional performance requirements can be determined between a manufacturer and a customer, based on customer's request.
  • Design improvements will be incorporated without prior notice.
  • Storage term should not exceed 6 months and fans should not be stored in high temperature, high humidity area.
  • We will not bear any responsibility for any damages induced due to a failure of fan motor.
  • When using this product, please describe the following notice at readable position for operators.
    (Per requirements in VDE Standard)


Hazardous moving parts

Keep away from moving fan blades

  • AC fan motors have been designed and manufactured for use as a device to be used in general industrial machinery.
    It can not be used except for the application described above. Please be notified in advance that we do not take any responsibility for any other failures which may occur due to some other applications.

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