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Backlight Unit for LCD

Products Description

Example of Our Back Light Products

MinebeaMitsumi provides and fully customizes back lights for mobile devices ranging from 1 inch to 4 inches in size for our customers.

Specifications Application Illumination Source Luminance Uniformity PDF *
1.2" Cellular Phone 1 LED 3,205cd/m2 85% 35KB
1.6" Cellular Phone 2 LED 3,964cd/m2 86% 38KB
2.0" Cellular Phone 3 LED 4,281cd/m2 88% 40KB
2.4" Cellular Phone 4 LED 3,769cd/m2 87% 41KB
Prism type
Cellular Phone 4 LED 6,676cd/m2 86% 40KB
1.5" DSC 1 LED 2,065cd/m2 82% 37KB  
2.0" DSC 2 LED 2,593cd/m2 82% 40KB  
3.5" PDA 4 LED 2,190cd/m2 93% 39KB  

The figures provided above is for your reference only.
Therefore, we does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of any information available here in. Design and specifications is subject to change without notice.

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