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Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

Push-up type electromagnetic brake

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  • The push-up type electromagnetic brake (BG / BG-M type) is a brake that presses the brake shoe directly against the rotating shaft of the machine to brake the rotating shaft, and is used for braking large machines such as generator rotors of hydroelectric power plants.


    When a DC voltage is input to the brake, the brake shoe moves due to the electromagnetic attraction and is pressed against the rotating body to perform braking.

    When the DC voltage is cut off, the brake shoe separates from the rotating body and the braking force is lost.


    Compared to hydraulic brakes, which are representative of brakes for large machines, running costs can be reduced because no hydraulic piping is required and maintenance are excellent. For this reason, hydraulic brakes have recently been replaced by electromagnetic brakes.

    MINEBEAMITSUMI's push-up type electromagnetic brakes are available in a wide range as the push-up force specifications range from 650N to 9500N.

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