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Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

Tooth Type Electromagnetic Clutch

EZE and EZD models developed particularly for machine tools have gear tooth of shallow depth and are suitable for gear system. These models are normally installed inside gear box and used as wet type, but can be used as dry type if place outside the driving unit.

Models, ZAA through ZHA, with deep depth and accordingly less number of tooth, are for dry type and are used in general machinery and heavy machinery. Since in case of models ZAA, ZBA, ZEA and ZFA electric current is supplied through two pieces of slip ring made of brass and a carbon brush, the slip ring shall be of oil and water proof.


Tooth type electromagnetic clutch has the following characteristics, in comparison with friction type electromagnetic clutch.

  1. Relatively smaller and lighter for required torque
  2. Reliable and quick action and no slip following contact
  3. Easy maintenance and conditioning because of engagement gear type
  4. No idling torque and available for higher speed rotating
  5. In principle, stationary engagement of clutch shall be conducted and release can be conducted at rated torque and maximum rotating speed. Please inquire us for rotating engagement of clutch which is possible depending on load condition.

Model Split shaft type Through shaft type Electromagnetic actuated type Spring actuated type Rotating coil type Stationary coil type Size
Minimum Maximum
EZE     2 1600
EZD     2 1600
EZL     5 400
EZR     5 400
ZQS     5 160
ZAA       16 10000
ZBA       16 10000
ZCA       16 1000
ZDA       16 1000
ZEA       16 10000
ZFA       16 10000
ZGA       16 1000
ZHA       16 1000

Remarks: Please inquire us for sizes other than above.

Important notices for use

Since size of electromagnetic clutch relates not only to output or rotating speed but also significantly to other factors, it is recommendable to consult with our company for determination of size. Tooth type electromagnetic clutch is activated only in direct current. In case quick response speed is particularly required, over excitation type shall be employed or utilization of our over excitation type generator unit is recommendable. Lubricant oil for wet type shall be turbine oil, ISO VG32 by means of sprinkling lubrication, setting magnetic filter. Clutch shall be installed so that no rattle may occur in the direction to shaft. In the meantime, please consult with us since the split shaft type of negative actuated type clutch is subject to strong thrust load. In case of wet type with excitation current of 3A and more, Gr62-type brush shall be used, while in case circumferential speed of slip ring is 6m/s and more, not less than two pieces of Gr62-type brush shall be used.

Type indication


* 1. Models, EZE, EZD and ZQS only have product lines of both wet and dry types.
* 2. Specification number 000 means the standard product with catalogue prepared hole. (Numbers are given in accordance to customers preferences for configuration control).
* 3. Voltage specification(DC-V)shall be as follows: B---24V・D---48V・E---110V
(Please inquire us for availability of specific voltage that may not be available in some products depending on type or size).

Structure and function

EZE Model

Clutch engaged by electromagnet and released by spring
The body of electromagnet (1) is ring shaped with numerous numbers of teeth in front and likewise armature (2) active in direction to shaft is provided with similar teeth. Armature is fit into involute tooth on outer body (3). The body of electromagnet is equipped with slip ring (4) and one terminal of magnetic coil (5) is connected to slip ring, while another is connected to the body of electromagnet.
When magnetic coil is electromagnetically actuated by direct current, the body of electromagnet induces armature, tooth is engaged each other and clutch is engaged.
Shutting of the current makes the return pin (6) push armature and release engagement with the body of electromagnet and then armature is further induced by permanent magnet or extension spring inside outer body to release the clutch.

ZAA Model

Clutch engaged by spring and released by electromagnet
There are two pieces of plain tooth, (4) and (5), transmitting torque set in front of the body of electromagnet (2) and armature (1). Armature is so supported that it can move smoothly along spline of boss (6) to the direction of shaft. Upon exciting magnetic coil (3) by electric current through slip ring (7), the body of electromagnet induces armature and a pair of tooth, (4) and (5), is engaged each other to transmit torque. Shutting off the current pushes back the armature to the original position by coil spring (8) and the clutch is released.

ZGA Model

Clutch engaged by spring and released by electromagnet
The body of electromagnet with ring shape is fixed. Armature also with ring shape is so supported that it can move smoothly along spline at inner boss (6) to the direction to shaft. Shutting electric current will push away armature (1) by strong coil spring (8) and two pieces of plain tooth, (4) and (5), are engaged each other. Passing the electric current will make the armature overcome magnetic coil spring force and is induced to the body of electromagnet. Accordingly, the engagement of plain teeth becomes off to release clutch.

Clutch of synchronized position type

Clutch engaged by spring and released by electromagnet
Tooth type clutch of synchronized position with torque between 50N・m and 400N・m is also in our product line.

Support / Contact

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