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Functions / Technologies

We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers and their answers.
Please use this if you cannot find the information you are looking for or need more detailed information.


Miniature & small ball bearings

Precision Machined Components

Precision mechanical assemblies

  • Q [PMA] What is the biggest size you can handle?


    As a guide, we can handle the maximum length of approx. 440 mm and the maximum outer diameter of approx. 260 mm.
    For more details, please contact us.

  • Q [PMA] For PMA, what kind of method is possible for joining bearings and parts (shafts, housings, etc.).


    Bonding, press-fitting, press-fitting adhesion, caulking, etc. are available.
    We can also propose appropriate joining conditions according to the customer's request (design / specifications), so please contact us.

  • Q [PMA] What is PMA?

    PMA is an abbreviation for the term, Precision Mechanical Assembly. We make precision mechanical parts mainly with our MinebeaMitsumi ball bearings.
    These are not "standard products", but we manufacture custom-made products that meet the needs and specifications of our customers.
  • Q [PMA] Where do you produce PMAs?

    A PMAs are produced at our Karuizawa factory (Japan) and the Bang Pa-in factory (Thailand). The place of production is determined by the design and quantity of the product.
  • Q [PMA] How is preloading applied?

    It is applied by both index preloading and fixed preloading. 
    We can also propose appropriate preload conditions (preload application method, preload amount, etc.) according to the customer's request, so please contact us.


Wavy Nozzle

Rotary Components

Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

Fan Motors

AC fan motors

DC fan motors

DC blower fan motors

High-pressure blowers

Support/ Contact

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