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Miniature & small ball bearings

Start to provide miniature & small ball bearings' CAD data


We are pleased to start to provide the CAD data of miniature & small ball bearings through our online catalog "eMinebea" with a view to responding to the needs of our customers as well as offering them further improved design efficiency.

In accordance with the accelerating downsizing and efficiency of the products, the use of miniature ball bearings has been expanding.

CAD data are downloadable in any types of CAD system formats. There are 2D and 3D CAD data available in a wide variety of sizes as in the case of our previous catalogs, thereby enabling our customers to design effectively.

* Our CAD data are downloadable through the "PARTcommunity" service provided by CADENAS WEB2CAD Inc. In order to use this service, registration to "PARTcommunity" is required, but is available free of charge.

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