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DC fan motors

Fan Life & Reliability

Since fan motors are self-cooled, the temperature rise of the motor itself is relatively low compared with general-purpose motors. This will limit the temperature rise of the grease used in the motor bearings, which greatly affects the life of the motor, thus allowing a long motor life to be expected. Our fan motors are designed for high performance and efficiency to save power consumption and thus limit self generated heat, and further to improve the cooling efficiency, the bearings and the casings are now made of metal material, which in turn helps to hold down the effects of heat suffered by the bearings. Moreover, taking advantage of the technological and supplying capabilities of our company as a bearing maker, and using high-reliability ball bearings, our products are designed with long life, low noise and superior temperature-resistant characteristics in mind.

Life of Fan Motor is defined as performance life when failure rate is 10%.
When speed goes beyond its setup point, it is the end of performance life.

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