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DC fan motors

DC Fans Speed Control

PWM Control DC Fan Motor

To change the fan's operating speed, input a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal from an external device to change the signal's duty cycle.

Practical example

PWM Control DC Fan Motor - Practical example

2-speed DC Fan Motor


The ratio of the low-speed to the high speed can be set as required. The speed is stable during low-speed running, permitting ultra low-speed operation. The power consumption is minimized in low-speed operation.


  • Should not drive the fan by using PWM control. It might cause damage to motor control circuit.
  • In addition, adjusting the fan's operating speed by controlling the fan's power supply voltage with PWM (i.e. by switching on and off frequently) may cause to generate excessive voltage inside the fan, and to destroy its electronic circuit. Please contact us if you adopt any of these speed-reducing methods in advance.

Note: Prevention of wrong connections

If you make a wrong connection of the sensor signal output wires or rpm control signal wires, the IC in the internal part of fan motor may be damaged. Therefore, please take adequate precautions.
If you use connectors, the design considerations should be as shown below: We will not bear any responsibility for the troubles which may occur due to reverse insertion.

In case of sensor signal output

In case of rpm control signal

For detailed specifications, please confirm by obtaining reference drawings or asking for the delivery of the specifications.

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