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DC fan motors

Selection of the Fan

The selection of the fan must be made as follows:

a) Estimate the calorific value in the unit.
b) Determine the temperature rise value in the unit.
c) Calculate the needed air quantity.

Q =

50 × Ha

H   : Calorific value (kW)
△T : Temperature rise value (deg.C)

d) Estimate the system impedance in the unit.
△P = KQn(Pa)
△P : Reduced pressure (m3/min)

K : Constant measured in each unit.

Q : Air quantity

N : Determined by the air flow in the unit. n = 1 for steady flow, n = 2 for turbulent flow. n = 2 may be generally used.

e) Select the fan by the P-Q characteristics in the fan catalog.
f) Mount it on the equipment to measure the temperature rise.

Example: When setting the temperature rise value T = 10deg.C at calorific value 300W

Q =

50 × 0.3

= 1.5 (m3/min)

Estimate the system impedance, select the fan, conduct the actual operation, measure the temperature rise and investigate the fan.

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