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PM stepping motors

Choice of Coil Extension Method

We offer a variety of cost effective methods for coil extension and enable the customer to choose the method most suitable for their equipment. Keep in mind that products smaller than ø8 can only be connected by FPC.

1. PCB Connector Method

Via the PCB, a connector is attached to the coil terminal for connection to a wire prepared by the customer.

2. PCB + Wire Method

Via PCB, the wire is directly soldered to the coil terminal of the motor.

3. Pin Terminal Method

A terminal pin protrudes directly from the coil terminal of the motor.
This method is suitable when the customer wishes to directly attach and solder the motor to the PCB, etc.

4. FPC Method

The FPC is directly soldered to the coil terminal of the motor for use.
This method is cost prohibitive when small volumes are requested or when the FPC is longer than 50mm.

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