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PM stepping motors

Warnings and Precautions

Carefully review the following precautions to ensure proper and safe motor usage. The safety precautions are divided into two sections: "Warnings" and "Precautions".

Due to mishandling, a dangerous condition might occur which may result in death or serious injury.
Due to mishandling, a dangerous condition might occur and there is possibility of medium human disorder or material disorder. There might be cases where there are heavy damages.
  1. To avoid fire, injury or electric shock, do not use the motor in an explosive, flammable or wet location.
  2. To avoid electric shock or injury, all wiring, inspection and installation should be done by a professional.
  3. To avoid electric shock or injury, do not move, wire, or inspect the motor while applying current.
  4. To avoid electric shock, do not adjust lead wire while applying current.
  5. To avoid electric shock, do not touch the connection terminals while applying current.
  6. To avoid personal injury or damage to equipment, cut off the driver power supply in the event of a power outage. Failure to do so may result in the motor suddenly starting up again when power is restored.
  1. If motor is used in any equipment with a large social and public impact, take the proper protection measures in case of motor malfunction.
  2. Do not touch the rotating or moving parts during operation. You might get injured.
  3. Static electricity causes motor and equipment failures. Take appropriate measures against static electricity during installation of motor.
  4. Do not touch the lead wire because it might cause an electric current malfunction or injury.
  5. Prior to installation, ensure that you have received the correct motor. Installation of the incorrect motor may result in a fire, injury or electric shock.
  6. Attention to the following is required when assembling your motor: centering, belt tension, chain tension, and parallelism of pulley. In case of a direct coupling, make sure its accuracy is kept. Correct tension should be kept if using a belt or chain.
  7. Assure that the direction of motor rotation is correct. Incorrect rotation may cause fire, damage to your product or personal injury.
  8. If something unusual happens during the operation of your product and motor, shut it down. Failure to do so may cause fire, injury and electric shock.
  9. Deviation from standard operations may cause fire, injury or electric shock.
Other PrecautionsOther Precautions
  1. To avoid a change in motor performance, do not disassemble the motor.
  2. Avoid external force to the lead wire exit by holding the motor body.
  3. Do not hold or apply external force to the connector pin.
  4. When assembling a pulley or gear onto the motor shaft, be careful not to apply abnormal force to the bearing or shaft.
  5. Do not use any motors that have been dropped.
  6. Prior to use, verify that life, noise and vibration match the operating conditions of your application.
  7. Do not use motor in environments generating noxious gases that affect motor performance.
  8. Motors should be stored in a non condensing environment at the temperature and humidity range defined in the specifications.
  9. Unless otherwise specified, ensure that the motor coil does not exceed 130℃ when mounted on your product.
  10. When used in a high temperature environment, take safety measures to ensure that the motor is not touched human body, such as designing or sticking a warning label.
  11. To ensure safety against injury and fire that may arise due to accidental motor failure or circuit failure, provide a fuse protection circuit to the motor.
  12. Objects with a magnetic force may cause motor function to stop.
  13. Do not use our motor for any applications related to military, aircraft or nuclear energy.
  14. Motor warranty is null and void upon motor disassembly and customization.
  15. Do not remove the name plate on the motor.
  16. Always verify that you are using the correct connector for your product.
  17. Do not use the same motor for another application.

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