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PM stepping motors

Cautions for Using Motors

  • Prior to usage of our motors, evaluate sample motors to verify that their life, noise and vibration characteristics are matched to the design of your product.
  • The product information on this website is for reference only. Motor specification documentation will be provided after sample approval and before mass production.
  • Do not use our motors for any applications related to military, medical equipment, aircraft and atomic power. We will not be responsible for the use of its products in non-approved applications.
  • Our motor is basically designed and manufactured for a customer. There is no problem that you order by our standard parts, but the other will require the initial cost, for example, the die cost, etc.
  • It is not the one to do the third person's industrial right and the guarantee to the execution of other rights when the product and information which has been described to this website are used.
  • The export license based on the foreign exchange and foreign trade control law is necessary when exporting the product which has been described on this website corresponds to the strategy goods etc. which this law provides.
  • Ensure that the motor's coil temperature does not exceed 115 when mounted on your product, unless otherwise specified. Also, in case of usage at high temperature, take safety measures, such as applying a warning labels or preventing contact with the motor.
  • Provide a protection circuit, fail-safe design, etc. to assure safety against injuries to the human body, smoke, fires, or other failures.
  • Hold the connector housing when plugging in or unplugging the motor, so that stress is not applied to the lead wires. Also, do not plug in or unplug connector when the motor is powered.
  • Hold the motor body when handling the motor, so that stress is not applied to the lead wires.
  • Be careful not to break wires or damage terminals when soldering terminals.
  • Our motors use oil impregnated bearings. Please select adhesive, grease, etc. that is not affected by the oil. Also, ensure that the adhesive does not flow into the bearing.
  • When you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or by contacting your local sales representative.

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