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Pressure Sensor

Technical Information of Pressure sensors/transducers

MinebeaMitsumi's Pressure Sensors

MinebeaMitsumi produce and sale the following pressure sensors / transducers.

Pressure sensors
(Built-in amplifier)
SOS technology base NS100A, NS115P, NS320
Strain gage base PRN01, PRN02
Pressure trasducers
(External amplifier)
SOS technology base NS10T, NS30T
Strain gage base PRB, PRC, PRJ, STD, PRO

* The differential pressure measurement can be measured by using two pressure sensors.

SOS method Pressure sensors with built-in amplifiers

What is Silicon on Sapphire : SOS technoloty ?
SOS is a strain gage to form the silicon thin film on Sapphire (Al2O3 single crystal) substrate (epitaxial growth). The silicon semiconductor strain gage that uses this thin film composes a extremely stable ideal sensor phisically and electrically because the electrical resistance line itself unites with the sapphire substrate by the atomic level.
High accuracy
The sapphire that is teh material of the pressure diaphragm is aluminum oxide single crystal. The response of that diaphragm is high and excellent in the linearity and hysteresis.
High reliability
The stable characteristics and high reliability is kept because the silicon semiconductor strain gage unites with the sapphire substrate by the atmic level. The compound pressure with high accuracy can be measured because the overload performance on the negative pressure side is maintained at the same level as the positive pressure side.

High thermostability
A usual silicon substrate froms electric insulation with PN junctions. Therefore, leakage current of the junction increases and use as the sensor becomes impossible at the high temperature of 120℃ or more. In the sapphire substrate in SOS technology, that in itself is a high insulator. So, the sensor with SOS technology can be used under the high temperature environment at 350℃. (NS403/NS413 series)
* PN junction : Joint of p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor.
SOS sensor adopts the direct pressure type.
SOS sensor is the direct pressure type which sensitivity part bounds directly to pressure media, and also which uses the response with an excellent SOS sensors to its maximum. (The response with built-in amplifier is 1kHz.) The pressure sensor might not fit to use according to the pressure medium such as the acid, the alkalis, and halogens, because it doesn't install the shroud diaphragm to have aimed at corrosion resistance.

Pressure sensor with built-in amplifier (Strain gage method)

The pressure sensor is a temperature effect little, excelling in the noise-proof, and high performance type because it is mounting the ASIC amplifier (Application Specific I.C.), The pressure sensor demonstrates high accuracy and the high stability with the adoption of low current consumption strain gage and the diaphragm of mechanically excellent structure and materials.
High accurate and high reliability
Pressure sensor achieves high accuracy and high reliability in the element (diaphragm) of 17-4PH(SUS630) with a newly developed strain gage of low current and the self-temperature compensation.
Thermal characteristic improves dramatically
The total accuracy of pressure sensor including the temperature characteristics has improved specially regardless of the temperature change within the range of temperature compensation (-20℃ to 70℃).
High reliability
A fatigue resistance is possessed because the pressure sensitivity part (diaphragm) and the pressure inlet hole are machined as monolithic. In an in-house evaluation, the cycle test of one million times is executed by the pressure of 150%F.S., and teh vaiation before and after the examination is within ±0.3%F.S.
Electrical characteristic
Electric circuit is not extremely influenced easily for the exogenous noise element, etc.,

SOS type pressure transducer (Semiconductor strain gage base)

High accuracy, high reliability and the high thermostability, etc by SOS technology are similar to the above mentioned pressure sensors. The frequency response becomes 25kHz when the sensor connects with Minebea's amplifier CSA-522B sold separately.

Pressure transducer (Strain gage base)

Minebea offers the various pressure sensors from general use, high pressure use, high response use and high/low temperature use.
Excellent strain gage type pressure gage in thermal characteristic
The self-temperature compensated strain gage is used for the pressure receiving part. Acurate pressure can be detected hardly receiving the influence even if the temperature change causes while measurement.
Various pressure sensors are prepared from low pressure use to high pressure use.
Various pressure sensors are produced from 1MPa as the lowest pressure to 500MPa as the highest pressure, and the most suitable sensor for the usage can be chosen.
Follow to the dynamic pressure phenomenon faithfully
The pressure sensor follows faithfully to the dynamic pressure phenomenon according to natural frequency of the metallic diaphragm.

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