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Digital Indicator

Digital Moment limitter DML-802C


・ The hanging load and the operating radius are displayed and the alarm is output.
・ Japan Crane Association accepted product


Specification name Specification contents
Power supply voltage to sensor Load Cell 12 VDC±1.2 VDC / within 40 mA/unit
Angle detector 12 VDC±1.2 VDC / within 20 mA
Applicable transducer Load Cell Strain gage transducers(350 Ω)3 points(load cell 1~3)
Angle detector WR-7UHA112-V-1(MIDORI PRECISIONS)
Input range Load cell F.S. setting can be made at the input from 0.5 mV/V to 3 mV/V
Angle detector 1.40 V ~ 5.32 V
Display of moment ratio Display range from 60 % to 125 % (Bar graph LED)
Minimum resolution 2.5 %
Present load display Display range from -99 t to 999 t or from -9.9 t to 199.9 t
Present working radius Display range from 0.0 m to 99.9 m
Condition display Applied load cell is specified. (Load cell No.1 ~ 3)
Monitor display One of the selection has been displayed either of Limit load, Limit radius, Jib angle, Moment No., Jib No. or Range No.
Limited output monitor display Display output condition of limited output No.1 to No.6
Display of 90 % and 100 % Display signal output condition of 90 % and 100 % of the lifting load
Display of up and down Display input signal condtion for correction executing instruction of lift-up and lift-down
Display times Changeable to 1 times/s, 2 times/s or 0.5 times/s
Buzer for emergency EB2112(Panasonic Corporation) or DSEB2112(Devices Sales Technology Co.,Ltd.)
Power supply voltage 24 VDC (18 VDC ~36 VDC), Power consumption Approx. 3 A
Outline dimensions (W×H×D) 100 mm x 210 mm x 162.9 mm (Excluding protruding parts)
Weight Approx. 2.1 kg


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